Our Rooms


Baby room:

Our spacious baby room which can hold up to 6 children at any one time has an attached conservatory area leading to a garden specifically for our babies to explore their outdoor environment in a safe and secure way. The baby room also has its own milk kitchen and nappy changing facility to allow consistency for the children.

Toddler room

Our Toddler rooms are a large space for our two years to explore all areas of the EYFS. With constant outdoor access, our children benefit from the best of both worlds at their convenience. The secure outdoor space allows for staff and children to continue their learning experiences without having to halt. Our child friendly spaces always give access to our children to meet their learning areas through all seven areas of learning. Our creative outdoor areas consist of mud kitchens, bug hotels, secret passages and lots of room for physical activities.


As our children move up through their educational journey, we hope to equip them with the best start to learning. Our preschool room attached to our large outdoor facility for the preschool children allows children to explore using their own interests, take control of their learning by making decisions and taking risks, learn and question their natural environments in a setting which encourages school like thinking. Our Preschool room focuses on school readiness and preparing children and families to take the next big step.

Outdoor space

Our creative outdoor area consists of mud kitchens, bug hotels, secret passages with lots of room for physical activities. This enables our children to have free flow play and through the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) we create a stimulating and sensory environment for our children which supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles and offers children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement. It allows them to explore their environment and gain self confidence.